New Years Resolution – Quit Smoking for Good

New Years Resolution Time

Another year over and a new one about to begin. What better way to start 2014 than with a new years resolution you can stick to and achieve.

Yes, giving up smoking isn’t easy. Some people find it one of the hardest vices to quit, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. We have seen and helped hundreds of people to leave tobacco behind and free themselves from the hold that nicotine addiction has.

So many people have benefited from a change in attitude, coupled with an electronic cigarette or liquid nicotine vaporizer device. You can find the best and most reliable that we recommend here at where you will find everything you need to replace cigarettes in the short time and to ween yourself off nicotine in the longer term.

Once you have a nicotine replacement device, follow the guidance and tips you will find on this site to ween yourself off nicotine gradually.

Electronic cigarettes have changed the landscape of the cigarette quitting industry by giving smokers a controllable way of reducing the nicotine intake in a measured way.

Giving up smoking doesn’t have to be hard work, you can quit without any of the withdrawral symptoms normally associated with quitting ‘cold turkey’.

Please let us know how you get on, we love to hear your success stories.

Happy New Year

Will Power to Quit Smoking

Use Will Power to Stop Smoking

For some people all it takes is to make a decision to become a non smoker and they never smoke again. Once you make that positive decision, your brain can easily change your attitude towards smoking, allow the giving up process to be easier.

Giving up using will power is all about having the right attitude.

If you tell yourself that you are missing cigarettes then guess what…. you will miss cigarettes, but….. if you tell yourself that you are a non-smoker and non-smokers don’t get cravings than you will feel any cravings subside. It really is a case of mind over matter.

how to stop smoking

Electronic Vaporizers to Stop Smoking


Using an electronic vaporizer to stop smoking gives you control over the level of nicotine that you are inhaling. Because a vaporizer allows you to blend the exact strength of e liquid that you want (as well as a massive range of different flavours) you can gradually reduce the volume of nicotine in your vapour so that you reduce your dependency until you no longer have any addiction at all.

Vaporizers offer a pain and stress free way to lower your nicotine intake over time. Your body won’t be ‘shocked’ by ‘going cold turkey’ so you won’t even notice that you are inhaling less and less nicotine into your lungs.

How Vaporizers Work

Electronic vaporizers work in the same way as electronic cigarettes. A battery is used to activate a heating element in the atomizer which turns e liquid into steam vapour. Most e cigarettes are activated by the process on inhaling on the device, but vaporizers are activated by pressing a button on the side of the battery itself.

E Liquid for Vaporizers

Unlike e cigarettes, which use pre-filled cartridges (cartomizers) of e liquid, with a vaporizer, you can buy different flavours and strengths of e liquid in bottles which you then pour into the ‘clearomizer’ reservoir tank in the device. This clear plastic tank has ml gradients marked on it so you can easily mix two or more flavours or strengths of e liquid to make your perfect ‘vape’.

E liquid for vaporizers also comes four basic strengths, 2.4% nicotine, 1.8%, 1.2% and 0% with no nicotine at all, which allows you to dilute your mixes to reduce the overall nicotine level in your vapour.

The freedom to blend an infinite range of different flavours and strengths allows the smoker to wean themselves off nicotine very gradually so that they don’t feel any withdrawal symptoms as they quit smoking. For many smokers the cravings that they experience are the worst part of the quitting process, so if you can reduce your dependence very gradually, your body doesn’t notice the day to day difference which makes quitting so much easier.

Strategy to Stop Smoking with a Vaporizer

If you are going to be successful then you need a proven strategy to give up. Your long term aim is to be a non-smoker, with no desire, need or crazing for cigarettes at all.

Because nicotine is so addictive, it soon dominates the lives of smokers, tying them to a life of dependency. You can break your dependency by following the strategy below, using an electronic vaporizer.

Getting Started

The first thing you are going to need is a vaporizer device. There are many available, varying in quality and consistency of vape. We recommend one of these vaporizer starter kits because they are good value and one of the better quality suppliers we have found.

Once you have bought a vaporizer, you need to find a flavour of e liquid that suits you. There are lots of different choices including fruit flavours, cherry, apple, pineapple, lemon, banana, watermelon and strawberry. Additionally there are lots of other flavours to choose from including; coffee, caramel, Dr Pepps (tastes like a well known fizzy soft drink), Red Energy (tastes very similar to the energy drink),  chocolate, butterscotch, vanilla and menthol flavours, as well as several traditional cigarette tobacco tastes.

Many smokers switching to vaping for the first time opt for a vape that is similar to cigarettes…. this is normal, you are not unusual!

Because smokers think that they need to imitate the taste of a cigarette in order to be able to enjoy it and get the nicotine that they crave, they try as hard as they can to mimic their favourite brand of smoke.

It usually doesn’t take long before people are willing to experiment with nicer, less ashtray related flavours. After all, the reason that we actually put up with the taste of cigarettes and learn to love it is because we need the nicotine that comes with that taste. If you could get a nicotine hit from biting juicy fresh apples, it would be far easier to get people to eat their 5 a day!

Being able to get your required nicotine from a great tasting vape is one of the big advantages of vaping. Why not have a mouth full of sweet cherry flavour instead of ashtray flavour?

The blend you start off with will depend on which starter kit you bought. If you bought a twin pack then you can load each one up with a different blend to best suit different times of the day.

When I first started with a vaporizer, I had one for 2.4% USA Mix and the second with 1.8% apple e liquid. This gave me the strong hit I felt I needed in the morning and as the day wore on I switched over to the more mellow apple flavour .

After a few weeks feeling comfortable with this combination I dropped so my morning mix was 1.8% USA Mix, with 1.2% Cherry for the afternoon and evening.

Then I started adding some 1.2% vanilla to the 1.8% USA Mix to mellow off the blend a little and continued diluting further and further until I reached a point where the nicotine in my vape is negligible.

The secret is to keep reducing the strength of e liquid that you are vaping without your body noticing. Within a month or two you will not only be well free of all the carcinogens that you used to inhale with tobacco cigarettes, but your body will be used to receiving far less nicotine than it used to get and yet you won’t notice any difference.

Nicotine Patches

Nicotine Replacement Patches

Nicotine patches work in the same way as HRT patches. They come is different strengths and you wear one a day for a set period of time, switching to a smaller weaker patch after a defined period.

Patches allow you to break the habit of having a cigarette in your hand, inhaling etc while still getting a delivery of nicotine into your bloodstream.


Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis


The internet is a really big place and can put you in contact with all kinds of different ideas. When people are looking around online for some ideas on ‘how to quit smoking’ they often run across the idea of hypnosis or hypnotherapy for smoking cessation.

Hypnosis has gotten a really bad rap from a lot of people, mostly because they don’t understand what hypnosis really is. They have seen shows at the fair on or TV where somebody has been hypnotized and then they quack like a duck or bark like a dog when the hypnotist says a certain word and think that is all there is to it.

I truth, hypnotherapy, can be a valuable and very practical way for people who want to give up their addiction to tobacco to actually stop smoking and release the desire to smoke again. That is one of the major benefits of using hypnotherapy to quit smoking; you lose the desire to start smoking again after you stop.

With many of the other methods; e-cigarettes, nicotine gum or even medications, if you don’t keep using the product, you eventually develop the desire to smoke again. This does not happen so much in hypnotherapy.

That’s not to say, of course, that hypnosis is some sort of magic pixie dust somebody sprinkles over your head to get you to quit, it’s just that it works on a part of your brain that affects what you desire to have in your life. Sounds spooky, but in fact, it is a very calm and gentle process.

When you got to a reputable hypnotherapist for some smoking cessation sessions, they will tell you right off the bat that you will probably need a series of sessions. Typically this can be three sessions or as many as six. After one session, you can probably feel the difference right away in how you think about cigarettes.

But the long lasting value comes in replacing the desire to smoke with a different kind of thought pattern that is more beneficial to your health. Actually, that is just about anything besides smoking. But what often happens with hypnosis is that the person who wants to quit smoking has some sort of idea in their head that they need cigarettes for some reason.

Hypnotherapy for Addiction

This is often from seeing adults smoking when they were young and in a desire to be like those adults, the kids find it easy to start smoking and hard to stop. Because doing so will change their perception of who they are and who their parents were to them.

Hypnosis helps change the desire to smoke and can help you find other things to emulate about those adults that are healthier for you. In fact, the success rate for quitting smoking and not going back to it is as high as or even higher with hypnotherapy than with any method of stopping smoking.

And as an extra benefit, you get to feel good about the person you are. And you will often find with hypnosis, that a lot of other issues suddenly vanish as well. Now that is an excellent bargain.

Self Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking

One of the best ways to get started with hypnotherapy is to use self hypnosis. This involves listening to a CD (or download) of a smoking cessation hypnotherapist and has been proven to work for many smokers. Click the link below to check out an incredibly popular download that has worked for thousands of smokers. Not only is it very popular, successful and easy to use, but it’s less that $18 and has a full 60 day guarantee so if it doesn’t work for you – just ask for a refund….. click the image below to find out more.

self hypnotherapy course to stop smoking

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic E Cigarettes

E Cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular with smokers all over the world. Much of their popularity is down to the convenience of being allowed to use electronic cigarettes in many public places where smoking is banned.

Smoking an electronic device is also much cheaper than smoking tobacco cigarettes. The equivalent of 200 cigarettes at £75 in the UK is just $3.99 in e liquid. The only other cost is a replacement clearomizer every few thousand equivalent cigarettes at £4.99, so the savings are massive.

Electronic cigarettes also drastically reduce the amount of harmful chemicals and carcinogens that you inhale. The basic ingredients are nicotine, and steam vapour. This makes electronic cigarettes a much safer option when compared to smoking.

Month on month, more and more smokers are making the switch from tobacco to electronic devices to get their nicotine fix, in a less harmful way and at a lower cost.


The devices are small, convenient and the batteries will easily last all day. With many different flavours to choose from you are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the ideal vape for your mood.

Acupuncture to Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking with Acupuncture

You might think that a system of medical treatment that has been around for 10,000 years or so would not be surrounded with all the myth and mystery that acupuncture is. But many people think there is something strange about using acupuncture to quit smoking. They often feel that taking a drug or using an electronic cigarette is preferable to visiting an acupuncturist.

The world is a big place, and there is something in it for everyone, and if you want to quit smoking, perhaps acupuncture might be a good idea for you.

What is Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a system of treatment that consists basically of sticking very fine needles into parts of your body to change the flow of energy within your system. Some folks find it strange to think that their body has an energy field, but if you have ever held onto a TV antenna to get a better picture or had a static electricity shock, you have experienced that energy field in action.

There are lots of very complex charts showing the various acupuncture points on the human body and this is one of the things the acupuncturist goes to school for to learn all about those points. There are some of these points that are used particularly in stopping smoking and to control the side effects of withdrawal from smoking.

Some of these points are in your ear, some in your wrist and if your overall energy is blocked, the practitioner will also insert needles into a few more points on your body. The needles are really thin, and many times you don’t even notice when they go in. Sometimes they might hurt a little bit, but the truth is, that many people feel so relaxed in an acupuncture session that they fall asleep.

acupuncture to quit smoking

How Acupuncture Works

The needles work on the energy flow of your body around channels that are called meridians. The theory is that when the energy is blocked from circulating in the correct manner, that this results in physical symptoms in your body. The needles help direct the energy flow and open up the channels so that the energy keeps flowing correctly.

It is kind of an interesting approach to healing the body. It pretty much relies on your body sending out its own signals and taking care of itself. This is actually the way that all healing takes place and other things you add into your body like medication help your body heal itself.

The needles sound scary, but in fact are so lightweight and delicate that many times people do not even notice when they are inserted. In order to quit smoking completely you will probably need more than one session. A series of three to five is typical with maybe a follow up visit or two over a month’s time.

Prices can vary depending on the area you live in and how popular acupuncture is where you live. But in general, you will find that this is a solution that lasts. You might need a couple of visits at a later date, but you will not need t be on a series of acupuncture forever.

Once your body heals, you have to take care of it, but on the whole, acupuncture is a natural way for your body to rid itself of smoking addiction and bring itself back to good health.