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Quit Smoking


Maybe its that time of year, around New Year’s Eve or maybe its coming up on summertime or maybe even one of your kid’s or your grandkid’s birthdays. No matter, any time of the year is a good time to quit. The question most people ask themselves though is usually something along the lines of ‘How to stop smoking?’

Or more precisely, how can I stop smoking when I like it so much, it feels so good in a particularly weird kind of way and I have smoked for so long that I don’t know how to stop?


Nicotine Addiction


Those are all valid points and anybody that tells you that they are not valid is full of it. Either they have never had an addiction to cigarettes that they tried to kick or they were one of those people who were lucky enough to just be able to stop cold, and not suffer any ill effects from doing that. It doesn’t matter about them though, all that really counts for you is how you are going to quit.


Many people swear by patches and gum and quite smoking tablets, but the truth is, that those things are just crutches. They enable you to keep going and going and never really have to deal with the consequences of keeping your habit. It isn’t simply that smoking is bad for you; it’s that the chemicals and substances found in cigarettes are also bad for you.


It’s not the 1950’s anymore and you are not going to find doctors or famous movie actors making commercials about the benefits of smoking cigarettes. Nowadays, if somebody famous has a smoking habit, you are much more likely to find them hiding it rather than smoking in public. Taryn Manning, Daisy Lowe, Nikki Reed, Kate Moss, Britney Spears, Sarah Harding, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton are all e cigarette users who have been seen in public as well as Leonardo DiCaprio below.


leonardo DiCaprio smoking an electronic cigarette


People use a variety of methods to stop smoking successfully. There are any number of things like electronic cigarettes that can wean you off the cigarettes so that you eventually stop smoking altogether. They still require some self control in order to gradually reduce the nicotine you are inhaling until you are no longer having any at all.


Electronic Cigarettes

For many people, e-cigarettes work but for some, they just replace tobacco smoking with e cigarette smoking instead. Electronic cigarettes are a much healthier option than tobacco because they only contain nicotine and none of the carcinogens that are found in tobacco, so they are undoubtedly a good step in the right direction for sure, but they still deliver you a super potent dose of nicotine. And nicotine is one of the things that gets you addicted and makes it hard to stop smoking. Nicotine is alledgedly more addictive that Heroin, which we all know is ‘a bit moreish’ to say the least! Lots of smokers say that when they use an e-cig that they are not really smoking, and that is true to an extent, but a true non smoker needs to break the dependency on nicotine in order to be total free and independent of the habit.


They have ‘stopped smoking’, and if that was their only goal, they have certainly achieved. But to get off the need for the nicotine itself, perhaps something like taking a medication that makes you nauseous would work better for you.


The internet is full of websites that will tell you how to stop smoking, and that is really a good thing. Nobody these days is going to preach about the healthy benefits of smoking. And if you can find a way to give up that habit once and for all, you might find that other areas of your life get better. No harm in there being an additional benefit to stopping smoking.


The Benefits of Stopping Smoking

Some people that have quit even find that their entire outlook on life improves as soon as they are not worrying anymore about when they are going to be able to have their next cigarette. The freedom and sense of self control and self determination to control your own destiny is a very powerful force and has a knock on effect to keep you a non smoker.


Look through our information on all the different methods of giving up smoking and find the best one for you. Everyone is different, we all have different triggers that will motivate us so you need to find the best method to stop smoking for you……


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